Classic puzzle game is flopped Hololens version of "crazy lemmings"

No matter what kind of game you like, the classic puzzle game "Lemmings" can't be missed. Now, Globacore, a London-based design studio, based on this game, made an unofficial version on Microsoft Hololens. The MR version of the "Mad Crazy Mouse" style was even more inspiring in reality. The small lemming army continued to advance into the real world. They start walking along the sofa, and players can use gestures to manipulate their direction. Hololens can read the position data in the room, avoiding the lemmings walking along the side of the sofa and falling over Game Over. This game can be downloaded for free at the Windows Holographic Store. Although HoloLens and MR may find more uses outside the game field, such examples prove the early strength of technology. Developers can use their hardware platform to freely use their imagination to bring more good content to reality. .

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