Hello poison - FILCO Falcon FKBN87MRL/EWG2 87 hand second generation mechanical keyboard milk white green key cap red shaft unboxing drying

The mechanical keyboard burns two branches in the beginning, seeing how you can add points, either playing with lights or pursuing the feel, playing lights on thieves, and with the help of Aunt Zhang, I have realized the skill of playing lights. Find CORSAIR American pirate ship K70 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard black (red axis) LUX1128 yuan value of friends broke the original: Amazon good price! Come to the previous recommended low price, you can also use coupons can also be lower, interested friends can look at ~ no one stop me | Value 8 Comments 11 Collection 3 Direct Links View Details Before the pursuit of feel, I always feel that my cool xt is very cheap and it is half price. I thought I didn't toss it. The result was that one of the agents I knew before had cleared a batch of filco and said that it gave me a bargain price. This is not a true friend. Did I pick my hand? As a result, my girlfriend said that filco's green cheese was particularly good-looking. Of course, I rejected this kind of belief. However, I thought that something I liked rarely was recognized by the leadership. I just filled it up, so I bought 1700 packs. A cheese green axis, bought a 104 side carved tea axis. Shaft selection Well, in fact, it is a red-shaft party. Currently, the original factory has no flu. Therefore, the main keyboard is naturally green and red. If there is an office, then put a f-tea to try it. Before the office put ikbc tea, after the free fish out, it is also completed a week. . The daily contact is faith f. . . As a straightforward boy, these two keyboards will be written together. Feierke (FILCO) FKBN104M/EFB2 "104 Ninja Raider II" mechanical keyboard black tea shaft 1099 yuan Jingdong direct link Feierke (FILCO) FKBN87MRL/EWG2 "87 hand second generation" mechanical keyboard milk white green key cap red shaft 1499 yuan Jingdong direct link In fact, a keyboard that was in vain for a long time ago, should not say that a color match is the tenth anniversary of Big L's sublimation. In fact, this keyboard is still more cost-effective than f, in particular, compared to the belief in cheese green poison, the price of 1,000, there is a sublimation keycap. But it can not stand the meat of the satellite shaft, or chose f tea and f red. Set the flag, if you buy another tenth anniversary, dry a box of snake grass water. Cheese green box is a little square q Meng feeling, keyboard 1.3kg, still a lot of weight. The so-called agent is the appearance of buying and selling in Nadu. These keyboards can only be defined as 99 new, but for this conscience company that can send insurance, personally feel that the so-called 7 days of unjustified products is worthy of acceptance and purchase. Of course, the premise is reliable. The ninja weighs 300 grams more than cheese green. The two boxes are stacked together, cheese green or q Meng. The overall packaging features nothing, after all, the belief is priceless. At the bottom is some information on the keyboard, as well as uppercase made in Taiwan. A long-awaited cheese green, first open to see, in fact, the same keyboard, another color is expensive 300, is indeed color psychology, but filco this color is indeed toxic, if you buy other collocations are not matched with this effect. All the accessories, sent six replacement keycaps, the design of the key lines are not separated, thin specifications, and even more than cool xt packaging accessories. Buy filco will not talk about the price, of course, this is not even more cost-effective for color consumption, but the green is really nice. Some of filco's insistence I can not understand, such as the use of nylon thread, the key line is not separated, there is no offline slot and so on. . . But looking at the mechanical keyboard market, nobody seems to be able to absolutely challenge his position. The filco cords, which work very well, are the only comfort. The back is also very concise, say it again. . No offline slot is really unscientific. The foot pad can't be turned on or off in two stages. The difference between the color scheme and the official map is not large, the whole is really refreshing, although the abs keycap, but the white oil is not too obvious to endure. The close-up of the red shaft, the final touch, first to say, is also the cherry shaft, feel really different. The big key position uses a balance bar design, feel good, when the cool xt and my other keyboard contrast feel bad is very obvious, k70 rgb in the feel is really a total defeat, even if you are not a fancier, a contrast is obviously felt The big keys are very fleshy. Keycap work really need not say anything more, abs feel is definitely better than low-end pbt, filco this keycap work is really much better than the cool xt, mainly reflected in the details, in fact, the original xt key I feel very conscientious about the cap, but in contrast, half price is half price, there is still a gap. Of course, the improvement of these details can not be very intuitive. The green color of this color match is definitely a bright spot. I personally feel that the old country’s cheese green is really not as good as it is now. This green and green one is very positive. Faith logo, f this brand, personally feel. . . The guide price minus 300 is the normal price. The included steel wire puller feels good, but reminds me that when you put it in, it should be gentle. Don't ask me how to know As for the ninja side-engraving, let's take a brief look at it. Considering that the office will enter some numbers, it bought 104. I didn't expect the ninja to have a volume adjustment shortcut. Originally wanted to buy two red shafts, and later thought how to buy f tea without using f tea. The workmanship is also very good. When you remove the keycap, you can see that the panel processing is also very smooth without any slots. The focus of these details may be a factor that can make the current status possible. Before using some cheap pbt keycap, although durable but really rough, temporarily not willing to spend more than three digits to buy sublimation, so choose the side engraved, although the oil does not affect the character, the original keycap feel really than Pbt a lot better. Before asking his girlfriend to say that buying a ninja is a camouflage, camouflage is really no, and now it's cool to see black. Flag posted. . Buy a keyboard and dry a box of snake grass water. . . Summary: 1, feel, filco red and tea feel really different from other keyboards I use, the red axis obviously feel some q, pliability is better than xt red, but not to a good degree, k70 rgb is only sang Take it out and entertain yourself. . The big key position feels really bad. Everybody buys the keyboard, personal suggestion can choose the balance bar or give priority to the balance bar. The difference between the tea axis and my ikbc is even greater. . Feel not very good to describe, f tea can really feel that kind of paragraph sense, the previous c104 feel the main problem is astringent. Feel is a metaphysics problem, no other keyboard can not find f good. . So a fever is impossible. . 2, the price, want to buy the best acquaintance with the island, or water is too deep, said to be 99 new may be lost, the two keyboards apart from the new without any differences or let me very pleased. Of course, if you do not know people, we recommend buying new products. 3, Tucao, personally feel that some humane features do not affect the so-called craftsmanship of f, such as key-line separation, such as adding shortcuts. Moreover, the lighting effects do not conflict with f. . . Filco, out of rgb, dry a box of snake grass water I also want to buy. .

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