First landing US Samsung Gear VR officially launched

[PConline News] Since Samsung released its latest VR Gear VR in September, this Gear VR has attracted much attention. So when will it come to market in the end? Finally, when Samsung spoke, the American friend will become the first consumer of this Gear VR.

Unlike previous VR devices, the price of this Gear VR is very close to the people, you only need to spend 99.99 US dollars to get it. In addition to Samsung’s mall, we can also purchase it from Amazon and Best Buy. However, as of today, it seems that no one has yet to grab the first Samsung Gear VR, which seems a bit embarrassing.

But there is a reason for this, because if you want to use this latest Gear VR, you must also hold a Samsung high-end smartphone, such as Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6. This is also the limitation of this VR device. To use Gear VR, you have to have a Samsung flagship phone, and the price seems to be too high, although the price of Gear VR itself is very gratifying.

With the purchase of Gear VR, we can connect the phone to VR devices via microUSB, allowing us to enjoy the benefits and conveniences of a variety of powerful games, movies, videos and applications. Of course, there is more content. We are waiting for us to dig.

99.99 US dollars, but there must be a Samsung flagship mobile phone can be used in the hand, such Gear VR, do not know if you are willing to buy. Maybe we can wait for legendary Galaxy series smartphones that focus on virtual reality experience?

Comments: Come and guess when Samsung will announce that Gear VR supports IOS.

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