Under the premise of enough: SANSUNG Samsung Galaxy A8 simple experience

Suddenly found that the lucky house is not enough money to use the money, it is time to write a (pian) jing (bi) article. I will not tell you that these pictures have been taken for two months.

There are many subjective feelings in this article, which may cause discomfort to some readers.

After all, this is a mobile phone that was released last year. It doesn't make much sense to unpack it. I will talk more about myself from the perspective of some users.

This article will elaborate on the following aspects:

First, why did you choose this?

Second, the appearance: the screen is a bright spot

Third, the system experience: there are bright spots

Fourth, as a consumer I have something to say

V. Summary

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First, why did you choose this?

The girlfriend wanted to change her cell phone to her dad. Her dad didn’t send any messages. So the budget was controlled within 2K. I guess the function of hanging in the sky is not necessarily used in mobile phones. I just started to say this price. At that time, my mind came up with the first thoughts of various domestically produced machines. I didn't mean to downgrade the meaning of domestically made machines. That is to say, domestically produced machines at this price point have indeed been well-established, but today's overcapacity in mobile phones has become an issue. A parent's generation of mobile phones, really only performance first? I don’t think I can use it to be the right choice. On the basis of satisfying the needs, the work, feel, and the accumulation of the brand are all things that need to be referenced. I do not deny that the performance of domestic machines is even higher at this price point. powerful. However, I think that when a parental generation answers the phone and sends a text message, it may be better to compare the three Moussaos than to take out the Xiaomi Meizu, etc. (I dare not say the identity, this stuff can have a fart identity). Age, I feel so.

When I bought myself 1699, today 1499, I didn't lose my diving championship, but the price of electronic products was one day. I heard that the goods were 3200 when I just came out! Please allow me to be a surprised expression

Second, the appearance: the screen is a bright spot

In order to keep the original color to the maximum, photos do not have any PS.

No need to say what configuration, after all, 15 years of listing of products, put today to see the parameters without any highlights and the significance of the reference.

The packaging is like this, and it's not easy to talk about. The blue looks very interesting.

The phone is as big as the box, the accessories are still the same kind of it, charging head, data cable, headphone

The overall shape of the A8 is not much different from the previous generations. Originally, the mobile phone is like this. You can't use a pentagon. The body is very round and not so many edges and corners, the border is narrow. But with such a big screen, you don't want to have one hand or something.

You are not mistaken. It puts the voice in the back, and the phone must be influential when it is flat. It is not very comfortable psychologically.

The side border adopts this chamfered design. The texture under high light is good, and there are some more exquisite. The right side body is a simple power button. The 5.7-inch screen makes the phone wider, and it doesn't really matter how well it feels.

But there is a problem here. Look where the charging interface is. Where are the patients with OCD? This Nima I can not tolerate a non-obsessive-compulsive patient, similar to the power button position, not in the middle there is a wood

This back is really terrible, ah, Samsung's 10,000 years old plastic I was drunk, feels really cheap, this point of view with the flagship machine is indeed a lot worse. The texture, design, etc. have all been exploded. Of course, the price has also exploded.

Here to say about the rear camera, it seems that Apple does not have a mobile phone, other plants will not be out, Nima that copied the camera copy I also heartbreak, especially the domestic blue-green plant, I am too embarrassed to mention, a hair Ah, location, prominent appearance, including the ugly antenna to the horizon. Untouched copy, copy, copy

Double SIM tray designed in the lower left corner of the fuselage fits well with the frame. Above the same side are two volume up and down keys. See the gap process is fine

The Home button is also a Samsung family-style elliptical button. The home button has a push-type fingerprint recognition module integrated with a metal wrap around it. Look at the awkward posture of one-handed unlocking, honestly two hands up.

In the mobile phones released in the past two years, fingerprint recognition seems to have become standard, and Samsung has also decentralized the configuration adopted by the original flagship to mid- to low-end models. After my own use, the speed of general recognition rate is also OK. Alipay supports fingerprint payment and praise.

If you look at the stability, the range covered by the thumb is less than a third of the total.

Android's three buttons, two of which are touched, are invisible from normal viewing and looming under the sun.

I myself am a small screen cluster, so I'm still unwilling to change it with SE now, and I can't conveniently use my trouser pocket. This product used two days to sum up is when the big screen mobile phone is cool, but when you carry it, you are dumbfounded.

This screen is probably the most satisfying place for me. It's not the best, but it's a bright spot with no bright spots.

A few scenes used, if viewed from the front, are not bad (these ones have slight curves)

Third, the system experience: there are bright spots

The following ideas are purely subjective, please read selectively

System, Android system can be customized too much, just a shortcut in the pull-down menu is enough for IOS users envy. I use IOS because I don't like to have toss. I don't like to open a text message to activate N software, but this high degree of openness also brings various possibilities. Users can create it according to their own preferences. It gives you a choice. You can choose either A or B. On the contrary, IOS has gone another way. "Consumers don't know what they want." Jobs is great, but he is also paranoid. He will not let you choose. He has done everything he can think of for you. But here is also limited to what he can think of. How do you see the officials?

With the simple use, today's 4G memory, 2G seems to be somewhat out of place, but I still say that, how much do you really need? At least for the time I used it, there was no shortage of memory or a severe staging. On the contrary, the speed of starting the software was still within the acceptable range. Of course, limited by the system, it doesn't have the sleek feel of IOS.

Fever may be the biggest slot of this mobile phone. After several minutes of microblogging and opening a few minutes to chat, we can obviously feel the fever on the back of the phone. After changing IOS, I haven’t used other Android phones for a long time. I don’t know this. Android machine is not a common problem. In the past, Android was used for a long time in the Android 4.0 era. At that time, mobile phone fever was really serious. Today, this problem has not yet been solved? Please also have friends of IOS and Android flagship machine to tell me, compared to the flagship machine, the heat will not control much better. Here to say two more, there are friends who will say, IOS is also hot, yes, but I did not find ordinary use, at least it controls the extent that you can ignore.

Fourth, as a consumer I have something to say

In fact, the low-end mobile phones that were released last year can be said so much, and all of the data has been transferred to the city. Two days before the old Luo released a new hammer phone, say a few more.

What the consumer wants in the end, a new product, which attracts you in the past is the initial publicity. This is the first thing, but whether this thing is done is exquisite, whether it is not willing to put down the second eye, is it good to use it? The flaw is needed afterwards. Looking at the domestic second-rate manufacturers, rough work, no aesthetic design, ugly UI, it is powerless to Tucao. Rebs said that good design is not designed, I was drunk, Imagine you replaced the apple logo with Xiaomi mobile phone, installed IOS, the same pricing as Apple, to see that sales are good. Of course, Apple's design above 6 is also a little bit of an embarrassment, or will it appear that Sanmu Sang has been hot for the past two years. Good design is the most intuitive place for people to feel that the United States has justice. You have to say that a cell phone is not a function of calling and texting. Well, why don't you buy a Nokia black-and-white screen and use the same phone number to send text messages? There are hundreds of beef noodles and five-star hotels on the street that cost $10. The meal can also fill your stomach. Can that be the same? This is not the time to eat enough to wear warm clothes can be satisfied. Under the premise that consumers have the ability to spend, they are naturally willing to pay for good design and excellent workmanship. The enjoyment of exquisite sense is a pleasure in itself.

However, there is no solution here, that is, pricing, the low price of domestic mobile phones does meet a large group of consumers, a short time also brought great benefits. For example, how much shipments. Want a good workmanship and design will have high prices, domestic brands can be overpriced, then they will be sprayed, from the recent millet note a few times the price of air out want to see the market reaction will be able to see, we are too expensive for domestic brands How to buy it.

Go back and ask yourself, what kind of mobile phone do you want? Big? Hardware performance bunker? The parameters look good? As far as I am concerned, it is not. What I want is a pocket that can hold, feel good, be beautiful, mainstream performance, and exquisite workmanship. Is it demanding? In fact, I want to change the SE, the aesthetic fatigue, but I really can not find a replacement, this is a good hammer T3, because T2 really quite amazing, but the three physical buttons are not my food, you can see T3 The release, the back and the size of the individual are unacceptable, S7E is good in all aspects, to play a bit, I feel too easy to lose. Maybe it will change IP7 in the near future. The matte black is very pretty.

In a word, I'm quite sceptical about the domestic manufacturers' blind pursuit of silly and hardware parameters.

There is a bit of nonsense, and there is no preparation for where I am thinking. Sometimes it is to support a domestic manufacturer, but it always feels impaired. Perhaps this little difference is the biggest obstacle in the front of domestic mobile phone companies.

V. Summary


1. It's a good choice for parents to use them. It's good enough for every aspect.

2. The gorgeous screen gives a good impression and is very good.

3. Excellent screen share.

4. Life is better than the phone I use again.


1. Price, such a configuration of such a price, a little expensive.

2. Heating, fever and heat.

3. The work is so bad that it's worse than Ten Flag Street's own flagship.

the above! ! !

At the time of writing here, I turned to the webpage to see that it was a metal body. Forgive me, I really don't feel it. Therefore, the text will not change.

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